August 17, 2017

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August 17, 2017

Anyone who starts a conversation with the words "we uphold the consistent life ethic" is gonna have our attention from jump. Phrases like that make us wanna dive deep -- and that's exactly what we did on this week's show.  

Meet Cessilye R. Smith -- wife, momma, doula,...

August 11, 2017

"We’ve figured out how to put people on the moon, but we haven’t learned how to stop killing each other."

No Badges. No Guns. Just Humans.

Dr. Larry Terry of the UNT Dallas Urban SERCH Institute discusses their approach to solving a problem that seems to be be plaguing o...

August 4, 2017

How do you make your tiny idea a big deal?

You hang out with Faith Anderson from Tenth Child Inc., that's how.

This brilliant woman has executed about a million and a half amazing ideas, and caused them to come into fruition, including creating + hosting her own event at...

May 12, 2017

We've loved Chantae Cann for a LONG time at LifeChat Radio. On this very SPECIAL episode of the show, we get to chat one-on-one with one of our absolute favorite artists and get to know a little bit about her very own journey.

Listen Here

OK,, we recorded this after the first 10 days, and, well, some pretty intense stuff had already happened under America's newly guided hand at that point. So, we did what LifeChatters do -- we chatted about it, because you'd probably do the same -- and you're pr...

What happens when a handful of dedicated churches gather together in unity to create steps toward reconciliation in a single community?

LIfeChat Radio recaps the Come.Unity gathering of believers from the Colin County area on MLK weekend. These people give us hope that...

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